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IFMA is regarded as the FM authority worldwide. Based on comprehensive results developed through our global job task analysis, IFMA courses and credentialing programs offer the most well-researched, all-encompassing professional development curriculum for facility managers. Facility professionals have the ability to take courses both online and on site.
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IFMA Credentialing Programs
IFMA's three globally recognized credentials will help you expand your skill set, establish credibility, distinguish yourself from your peers, and demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to current and prospective employers.
Which IFMA credentials are right for you?
IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP®) designation is a knowledge-based credential for FM professionals and industry suppliers looking to increase their depth-of-knowledge in the core FM topics deemed critical by employers.
Assessment-based certificate program with no prerequisites
For new and transitioning FM professionals and industry suppliers
Enhance your knowledge, gain recognition and earn a competitive advantage
The following four knowledge domains are taught and tested by the FMP Credential Program.
Operations and Maintenance
Project Management
Finance and Business
Leadership and Strategy
IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP™) goes beyond certifying the premises with the preferred building rating system. It is a commitment to improving the facility’s impact on the environment, productivity and people. The SFP is ideal for FMs seeking a higher level of sustainable performance. Engage all your company’s FM assets to truly maximize triple bottom line results.
Assessment-based certificate program delivers a specialty credential in sustainability
For all FM and like-minded professionals with an interest in sustainable practices
Develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices, while impacting your organization's triple bottom line
The SFP Program is sold as a series. If you are unable to attend all six days on site, you may complete one part in the classroom, and the remaining part via self-study.
The SFP program is made up of three focus areas:
Strategy & Alignment for Sustainable Facility Management: Summarizes key concepts related to sustainable FM from the organizational level; illustrates actions facility managers must consider in order to make the business case for sustainability.
Managing Sustainable Facilities: In-depth look at the process of aligning a facility's sustainability plan with an organization's vision, strategic goals and policies.
Operating Sustainable Facilities: Introduces ways in which SFPs can operate their facilities in a more sustainable manner through changes in building equipment and technology, as well as changes in O&M procedures.
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IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager (CFM™) is the first and only global FM certification. IFMA's Certified FacilityManager credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers. It is designed for experienced FMs, requiring a high level of facility management skill and education.

Successful candidates will have experience in the following competency areas. These 11 areas have been identified as the core areas of FM skill and knowledge. Ideally, candidates should have experience in all 11 areas; however, it is possible for a candidate to have experience in most competency areas, minimal exposure to others and still pass the CFM Exam.
Operations and Maintenance
Project Management
Finance and Business
Leadership and Strategy
Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
Human Factors
Real Estate and Property Management

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