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About Us
In the three decades following IFMA’s inception, the association has grown exponentially by advancing the facility management profession with exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities.

Through educational programs available online and in person, three credential programs, original research, the FM Knowledge Base, a Career Center and ample opportunities for all involved in the facility management profession to network with others, IFMA is the ultimate resource for facility management professionals as well as the leader in promoting excellence in management of the work environment.

IFMA India is dedicated to promoting and advancing the profession of facility management. As the pioneer educational, informational and networking resource for facility professionals, IFMA enables you to contribute to and benefit from the rising opportunities open to FMs locally and globally.

IFMA has promoted excellence in the management of the work environment for more than 34 years. As a member of IFMA India, you have opportunities to learn, connect and advance based on your professional interests and goals.

Facility management is one of the fastest growing professions in India. A booming real-estate sector, increased investments from overseas companies, new workplace technologies, security issues, health and well-being concerns, and an increased emphasis on urban development are driving the demand for competent facility management services.
Strategic Leadership
IFMA’s strategic leadership team (SLT) is led by the President and Chief Executive Officer. The SLT is responsible for conducting the business of the association and for implementing strategies to achieve the objectives defined in IFMA’s strategy map and balanced scorecard.
With IFMA India, you,
Ensure that you have the tools and support to keep up with the rapid growth of your profession.
Better define your career path.
Build your FM knowledge and networks.
Improve the performance of your facilities.
Raise your professional profile in a competitive industry.
Promote your value as a decision-making business partner.
Contribute to the success of the business you support.
Maheshwaran V
Director - IFMA India
Maheshwaran V, is the Director of International Facility Management Association in India. At IFMA he oversees the functioning of IFMA in India from its office located in Bangalore. Mahesh identifies and sets up functional chapters across India and oversees its functioning. He plans business, marketing and operational strategies for the functioning of IFMA in India. He administers and acts as the liaise of the chapters in India. Mahesh joined IFMA in the year 2005 as the Chapter Development Manager and has since groomed himself to lead IFMA’s initiatives as its Director in India since 2011. Prior to joining IFMA in 2005, Mahesh worked with organizations involved in media and publication, product manufacturing and advertising. His experience of working with various businesses has helped him understand various business functions and integrating these functions to achieve desired business goals. He has experience in starting a small firm which conducts research and publication.

Mahesh graduated with an MBA from MSRIT, Bangalore and has an additional professional qualification in FM. He practised computer programming for few years before turning his interest to learning business management.

Contact: mahesh@ifma.org.in
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